Scrub Out Ep. 1 | Ft. Isaiah Herring & Neil Hilario

Episode one of the Scrub Out DBS CG Podcast. Make sure to like and subscribe for future episodes. Today I sit down with Isaiah and Neil (2nd place Richmond Regional) and talk about Towa, Fina Nerves, and Deck Making.

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The Beginning of The Great Bandai Part 2: ARG's Exit

The Beginning of The Great Bandai Part 2: ARG’s Exit

ARG Is no longer the premiere TO for Dragonball Super, what next!?

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Set 7 Limited Review - Red Cards!

Hey everyone! Pat here! My hair is a mess but that's not important! What is important is that you win your Set 7 Pre-Release! This video will explain to you the best cards to pick for a Red deck and why!

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How Will the Blue/Yellow Veggies Impact the Dragon Ball Super Card Game?

Let me know what you think about the archetype in the comments on the video!!

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Tech Talk Tuesday: Drop Counters

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Player Spotlight "Jordan Markle"

Welcome to another player spotlight! This week, I chat with National Champion Jordan Markle to get some insight on how he prepares for events, the current and upcoming format with the ban list, and his thought process moving forward into set 7.

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