Shenron's Lair Player Profile - Markus Kantarci

Check out this video to get to know our team owner and captain Markus!

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VEGITO IS... DECENT?! R/G Anniversary Box Green Vegito Deck Profile!

Today, we take a look at a deck I've been playing recently featuring the green set 3 Vegito leader, along with the anniversary box support. this also features the championship pack Vegito, and a few other cards including multicolored goodness.

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Player Spotlight "Danny Hype"

Hey guys it’s Jamal Moultrie from Shenron’s Lair East Team and today I am bringing you an exciting article to help you get ready for this year’s regional season! I took the time to pick the brain of one of the greatest DBS players in the community:.

Danny Hype!
Danny Hype has multiple wins/tops in the DBS game, most recently winning two celebrations events (Both teams and singles), and is famous for using innovative decks in his process to remain a consistent player throughout his tenure. I chatted with him to get some of his personal insight on how he feels about the game. Take a read:

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Origins Top 8 Meta Breakdown and Analysis!

Need a recap of what happened this past weekend at Origins? I've got you covered! Let me know what you think of the top cut below!

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PodCast: The Four Corners Ep. 23


Welcome to this special weekend edition of the PodCast where we are joined by Erik "The Boy Kisser" Goodwin. Swing by and give us a listen as we define what it really means to "Git Gud" in the DBS card game, and also join us as we put our detective caps on and try to figure out the true identity of the newest memeber of the DBS FaceBook group. This is one you most certainly won't want to miss.

We hope you enjoy!




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Instagram: nocounters_nocombos

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SET 7 REVEALED!!! - First Look at Assault of the Saiyans

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/schlitzi.pop/

Hello people!! Bandai has just drop what's planned for the upcoming new block and set 7! Take a first look at them together with me! :D

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