Pantastic Adventure, Part 1: Orlando

Hello again my friends, and welcome back to another tournament report. Today, im going to give you a two-part report from two different events that I travelled back to back to. The first being the Orlando Regional that happened a couple weeks ago, and the second being the San Diego Regional that happened the week after.

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The Outplay: Playing Defense to Lose

Check out one of Joey's most popular Patreon articles right here on Shenron's Lair!

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Approaching Aggro Mirror Matches

Need help navigating aggro mirror matches? Give this a read!

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Exploring Set 7: Is AoD Still Viable?

The short period of time between the Anniversary Box and the Set 7 release was probably the second best time for AoD, falling only behind the glory days of [A Child's Wish] but what about now? Is it a good time to try AoD?

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Make the Competitive Shift: Be Smart, Set Goals!

Check out Joey's article about setting goals and making yourself a better DBSCG player!

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Player Spotlight "Jovad Cruz"

Cruz Control!"

This week I got to interview one of the best players from the Naruto CCG, who transitioned into the Dragon Ball Super Card Game and is still dominating (2nd place at this past weekend’s Gencon singles event), Jovad Cruz. Take a read!

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Tournament Report - Top 16 Mono Red Pan Pasadena Regional

Tournament Report - Top 16 Mono Red Pan Pasadenra Regional from the infamous Pan player Tim Palacios

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Make the Competitive Shift: The Meta is an Open Book

Read this to learn how to analyze a format and make better deck decisions!

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The Beginning of The Great Bandai Part 2: ARG's Exit

The Beginning of The Great Bandai Part 2: ARG’s Exit

ARG Is no longer the premiere TO for Dragonball Super, what next!?

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