What's up Dragon Ballerz?!

This time, I'm going to discuss my approach to aggro mirror matches. I've learned these methods from the Aggro greats, like my teammates on Shenron's Lair, and also from the Storm National Champion himself-Jordan Markle. I also feel its worth mentioning that while Jordan never gave me a direct guide on how to play aggro mirrors, I learned from him via listening while he spoke to others, watching his games on stream, and listening to his deck profiles after Nats. I say all this to say that if you actively listen, and listen well, you can learn a ton from DBS media content; you just need to open your eyes and ears!

Fight For Board Control

There are many intricacies to aggro mirror matches depending on which two aggro decks are sitting across from each other. The different aggro or borderline aggro decks that exist at the time of writing are Broly Storm, Frieza Swap, Super Shenron Storm, Veggies and Vegeta Baby (this article was published on my Patreon on March 19th). There are less examples in the current format: U6, Broly Swap, and Pan come to mind, though. While I mentioned there are intricacies, there is a general rule of thumb that will help you win the game more often than not; fight for control over the board. This may seem weird, especially when two aggro decks are going at it. You may think the ideal play would be to just go for face and try to end the game as swiftly as possible. However, if we go back to full power Storm format and look at those games, we notice that most of the time, Gotens are attacking other Gotens, not leaders, and Storm players bring in the 5 drop Masked Saiyan to clear multiple Gotens. 

There are several reasons as to why you want to clear your opponent's board rather than just go face in aggro mirrors. In the case of Goten, or Sister Attack Kale in the Veggie match up as examples, you want to cut off their card advantage supplies. If you aren't able to kill them when you commit to trying, they'll get to their next turn, and be able to recoup any card advantage lost from surviving your onslaught. 

The next point comes from the definition of aggro in DBS. Typically, in this game, aggro decks spend the early turns going really wide on the board. This is especially true with decks like Storm and all the modern veggie variants. If you can fight for board control, especially in the aggro mirror match, you'll get a huge leg up because you'll essentially be clearing your opponent's win condition, and you'll also be setting up to win the following turn since they can't apply any real pressure to you without a board. 

Next, I'm going to explain a situation in which it's safer to fight for board control rather than going face. If you look through your opponent's drop area, warp, and energy, and see that they still have access to a lot of negates and super combos, committing to winning the game that turn by going face probably won't pan out well for you, especially if you take a ton of your own life to do so. In this situation, it's safer and smarter to keep your life total high-ish and clear your opponent's board for the reasons stated earlier; they lose their card advantage supplies and their win condition at the same time. On the flip side, if they have been through most of their defensive cards, and you're stockpiled on super combos, it may be wise to go in and end the game right then and there while they're largely defenseless. It's all about reading the situation, and hopefully this example helps you with that. 

Popular Aggro Side Board Hate

Kami - for Veggies and greedy Storm players
Flying Nimbus - still one of the best negates, especially if you're leader isn't yellow but you're playing yellow
Masked Saiyan 5 - board clear for multiple things, better than Kami if your deck can play over realm and you know your opponent won't play into the Kami
Mafuba/Time Magic - really good against big dual attacking threats Is That All You've Got? - great against U6 and Pan  Supreme Kai of Time, Time Disruptor - great against 1 drop Crit attackers, and skilless Krillin spam 

While these tips are definitely applicable outside of just the aggro mirror, they are especially important in the aggro mirrors if you want to see success playing aggro decks. I hope you all found this article helpful! If you did, make sure to check out my YouTube and Patreon for more info like this!