“What determines your decision in choosing a deck for a major tournament? Results? Advice? What you think is the best deck?”

I have to shout my boy Nick Brady because we test and build decks all the time together and his advice is usually the best you can get. Generally though I go with results and test the decks that have been performing really well. I also play what I’m comfortable with if I can’t decide what to play, which happens frequently lol.

“How do you feel about tech cards and ratios? Do they belong in the main board or side board? What should a player prioritize over which?”

In a meta like we are in today, which is very open, I tend to keep all my tech cards in the sideboard. I like my main deck to be as consistent as possible going into game 1 regardless of the match-up. If my deck really has a rough time at 1 specific match-up, I may tech 2 cards at the most. At the end of the day though, I prioritize consistency because that’s what you need to get through 8-9 rounds of Swiss.

“What is the one mistake a player can do when preparing and/or playing in a main event?”

The biggest mistake I do when playing is overthinking plays. During a game you have so many play lines to analyze so when you overthink, you second guess yourself and it also takes up valuable time when you are trying to finish a potential 3 game set. I really got better with this over time by testing the deck I was going to use heavily before a big event so I wouldn’t need to overthink anything and I’d know the correct play line since I was in the same situations prior in testing.

The other little things about preparation is just know that the day is going to be long, pack some water/Gatorade and some snacks like granola bars because sometimes it’s a 12 hour day just playing cards.

“How do you feel about the ban list? Do you believe this will still keep the format open going into set 7?”

Not to go into it too much because I feel strongly on this but some things were definitely missed in my opinion going into set 7. I feel like Shugesh, Bad Ring and Minus Kili Zone were good hits but Cold Bloodlust to 1: I was not fond of.

I think Bloodlust should’ve stayed to give a counter to Chain Attack/Zenoh decks but now they don’t really have an answer. So cards I would’ve add would have been:

·         Gogeta, Hero Revived

·         Goku, Path to Greatness

·         Chain Attack Trunks

·         Janemba Mill Leader

I just think going forward this would make the game a bit more balanced and fair. That was probably too long so I apologize in advance lol. I think that the format in set 7 will be different with the ban list taking effect, it gives you a couple more answers to certain decks that can’t use bad ring and kili zone anymore. It’s too soon to tell but I think we will see a lot of same decks with some new ones mixed in.

“Have you reviewed any cards from set 7 yet? If so, do you feel there are any promising cards or decks coming out?”

I haven’t reviewed everything yet but from what I saw the Universe 6 stuff looks really powerful.

“What’s your favorite part about traveling to events?”

My favorite part is the community. Getting to hangout with all the people I don’t get to see regularly is amazing. Too many people to name but y’all know who you are!

“With the most recent event, you have secured your invite to the National Championships. Will we see a two-peat?”

I will be just as prepared as last year so I feel like I have as good as a shot as anyone but there is so much good competition. So in not is to yes is the most humble way possible J

“Your closing thoughts for the article? Any shout-outs or message for the community?”

First off, thank you, Jamal and all of Shenrons Lair. We go way back to the Naruto days and it’s cool that we both play the same card game again years later. I have few shout-outs: First is to the DBS community: you guys are the best. My local squad Nick Brady, Zack LaFlame, and Sawyer Diehl, they don’t travel as much but they are still great people and play testing partners. Lastly, to the Weeabros y’all know who you are!

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