Mono Red Pan – Pasadena CA Regional

Hello, my friends, and welcome back to another tournament write up with one of my all-time favorite leaders. Pan! I know it’s been quite some time since I wrote up one of these, but we finally had another event on the west coast and I’m pleased to say that I did very well with my favorite deck. There were two regionals in Pasadena, CA for this event. One being an “open” regional and one being an “invite only” regional. I had previously qualified from a shop championship so I was able to partake in the “invite only” one. There were 116 players who competed in it, and 180 or so players competed in the open regional, making the entire event almost 300 players. The competition was still very fierce with many big names at this event. Some of those names included Markus Kantarci, Russel Stelzer, and Bryan Samuel, among other high caliber players from many highly competitive teams like scouter report and dbz doods. Day one consisted of 7 rounds of swiss, followed by a top 16 cut the following morning at 9 am. Even though there were 7 rounds of swiss, we still managed to finish at a very decent time for the event. I believe it was about 7:30 pm or 8 o’clock. This just goes to show that CoreTCG was on top of their game for the day and a huge shout out goes to them for providing such a wonderfully timed event. I am pleased to say that after Day 1 in swiss, my final record was 6-1 giving me a 3rd place swiss finish. 

            Deck List: https://shenronslair.com/DeckBuilder/View/2f9bf50e-1981-4851-99c6-2ccf73b63c33 (Clone Here!)