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Chris "Welchy" Welch

 Bay Area, California
 Competitive Yu-Gi-Oh and Poker player. Top 32 DBS Vegas ARG. Top 32 San Jose ARG. Three YCS Top cut with over 1,500 entrants. 10 California regional top 8's including Top 32 at YCS Austin and Las Vegas. Finished 6th place at YCS San Mateo.

Trey Faircloth

 Autryville, North Carolina
 Competitve Yu-Gi-Oh and DBS Player. Multiple top cuts in many DBS regionals and 1k events, as well as a win in ARG Raleigh. Top 15 DBS player in the world!
  Future Trunks

Markus "CousCous" Kantarci

 Fresno, California
 Multiple top 4 finishes in Naruto Shonen Jump Championships by Bandai. Won all 3 ARG Online DBS Tournaments. Top 32 DBS Vegas ARG.

Tim Palacios

 Vacaville, California
 Tim has extensive experience in card games over the past 15 years. He placed Top 16 for DBS Vegas ARG. Played Yu-Gi-Oh, Duel Masters, Panini Z. Tim was a successful Panini DBZ player placing top 4 at Las Vegas Regionals, and 5th in Worlds 2016!
  Super Saiyan 2 Gohan

Tim "TJMcBiggs" Feliciano

 San Francisco, California
 Top 8 twice at YCS in 2010, then took a break from card games to have success with e-sports such as League of Legends, Soul Caliber, and For Honor. With his return to TCG's and DBS Tim has won multiple shop championships, and won the 1k Event at Las Vegas Regionals.
  Krillen cuz it takes a real man to go get your woman--especially when she's an evil murdering rampaging android

Kelly Cartwright

 Sacramento, California
 Pokemon, YuGiOh, Magic, ScoreZ, PanZ. Secured PanZ Worlds invitation, numerous top cuts in 2k tournaments. Top 32 DBS Vegas ARG.
  Piccolo, not even close! I like how hes always been an outsider but always has a hand in how things were happening. Between training Gohan many times, and actually being the protector of earth Piccolo always put off the badass vibe really well.

Josh "TheProfessor" Williamson

 Fresno, California
 Josh placed Top 32 at the Las Vegas Regionals. Has a history with Dragonball Card Games, and Pokemon.
  "Piccolo, I need a leader of him so badly"

Caleb "GoldenBoy" Williamson

 Fresno, California
  I have been playing card games for about 7 years, competitively for 3 years. Games include yugioh, magic, Panz, and now Dragon Ball Super.
  Raditz, but he's dead. So Hit!

Amir Aka Shikamaru_Of_Hebi aka Fam|Mom

  West City (Tracy), Calfiornia
 Naruto CCG Championship winner, and multiple top cuts. Batlte spirits top cuts, and Bandai of America DBZ Multiple tops. All around DB/DBZ/DBS enthusiast and major Anime fan.