“What determines your decision in choosing a deck for a major tournament? Results? Advice? What you think is the best deck?”

Usually when deciding on a deck I pick something that is consistent and has a big game changing play. Normally I and my friends don’t play the typical Meta decks. Right now I would have to say Towa is most likely the best deck; not saying it’s perfect but it’s been doing really swell since its release.

“What is the one mistake a player can do when preparing and/or playing in a main event?”

Not putting in enough time to understand the Meta!

“Congratulations on your second place performance at Gencon. What made you decide to play such a unique deck for the event?”

It honestly was a comfort pick. I had been messing with the deck since the Chicago Celebrations event and knew that it had the potential to catch people off guard.

“How do you feel about tech cards and ratios? Do they belong in the main board or side board? What should a player prioritize over which?”

Tech cards need a reason to be in the main deck. Like to help a bad match up that is top tier or a backup plan if your strategy doesn’t work out. Otherwise they are best in the side deck.

“How do you feel about the ban list and set 7 so far?”

There is so much left to be discovered with set 7. The coming weeks I’m sure we will see some cool decks come out of this set. As for the ban list, there are a couple of cards I would still like to see at least looked at:

·         Zen-Oh

·         Gogeta 7 drop

·         7 drop Mira

And personally I dislike the Janemba Mill deck but that’s just my dislike for mill out strategies.

“Tell us a little about your Gencon experience. I know the event was held by a different TO than normal. Did you enjoy your experience?”

Yeah I think TAK Gaming did a great job with the little time that they had to prepare and had the event run very smooth.

“What decks/cards do you think you’ll explore next within set 7?”

Mostly all the green/red cards I think those cards are very powerful.

“Your closing thoughts for the article? Any shout-outs or message for the community?”


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